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Raise your glasses, of MILK that is, and Cheers to National Dairy Month!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

By Ashley Ellixson

Farm with an American flag in front (Photo by Edwin Remsberg).

June is National Dairy Month-a celebration of milk that began in 1937 to recognize the dairy industry as a whole and its contributions to our society. Dairy farmers have been a staple in American agriculture and we appreciate their hard work and dedication in delivering nutritious products to our communities every day. To recognize dairy farmers and processors, below are facts about Maryland’s dairy industry.


  1. Maryland houses 476 dairy farms accounting for $201 million in 2013 (USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service)

  2. There are 51,000 dairy cows in Maryland

  3. Milk is Maryland’s official beverage!

  4. Maryland’s most popular dairy breed is the Holstein

  5. The top three milk producing counties are Frederick, Washington and Carroll

  6. Maryland is home to the nation’s first farm-based ice cream trail comprised of 8 dairy farms creating Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail

Cows on a field in front of a farm (Photo by Edwin Remsberg).


  1. Include milk in your daily routine. Research shows that milk products contain a big package of nutrients including protein, potassium and Vitamin D. Research has also shown that fat-free chocolate milk is a great recovery drink after exercise!

  2. Buy cheeses made by Maryland farmers. Fourteen farms either produce their own cheese or have it produced off-site with their own recipe.

  3. Experience Maryland’s dairy farms for yourself on the Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail.

  4. Find Maryland dairy products at locations near you by visiting

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