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Weekly Roundup Dec. 14th

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

By Sarah Fielder

Photo by Edwin Remsberg. The photo shows the University of Maryland’s Memorial Chapel covered in snow.

RMA Ends 10 Percent Insurance Option for Preventive Planting USDA’s Risk Management Agency announced that the +10 percent option for preventive planting will be eliminated. This crop insurance option provided coverage on input costs if weather prevented planting. Moving forward only the +5 percent option will be available. To read the announcement from RMA, click here http://bit.ly/2o11KOD.

Monsanto Offers Cash Back When You Buy New Dicamba Products Monsanto this week announced an offer for cash back when you buy many of the new dicamba products. This comes as the EPA and states are considering possible restrictions on the new dicambas. To learn more about the rebates and possible implications, click here http://reut.rs/2C358en.

Arkansas Legislators Send Dicamba Ban Back to Plant Board This week a subcommittee for Arkansas’s Legislative Council recommended sending back to the state’s Plant Board a proposed ban on dicamba usage in season. This recommendation now goes before the full council for approval. To read more about this, click here http://bit.ly/2ADzHep.

Missouri RTF Constitutional Amendment Does Not Include Right to Grow Marijuana The Missouri ruled earlier this month that the state’s right-to-farm constitutional amendment does not include the right to grow marijuana. The ruling stems out of a case involving a man arrested and convicted of growing marijuana had argued that his conviction violated the constitutional amendment. To read more about this ruling, click here http://bit.ly/2j3Z1Pn

Mid-Shore Farm and Forestry Succession Workshop December 18, Caroline County Extension Office, 9194 Legion Road, Denton, Maryland, Cost: $10, to register online go to https://midshoreworkshop.eventbrite.com/ and anyone with questions should call 410-479-4030.

Food Safety and Recall Readiness Workshop for CSA Operators January 10, Priapi Gardens, Cecilton, Maryland, to register online go to https://csa-foodsafety-workshop.eventbrite.com, anyone with questions please contact Sarah Everhart, 410-458-2475.

Food Safety and Recall Readiness for On-Farm Market Operators January 19, Butler’s Orchard, Germantown, Maryland, to register online go to https://onfarmmarket-foodsafety-workshop.eventbrite.com, anyone with questions please contact Sarah Everhart, 410-458-2475.

Food Safety and Recall Readiness for Agritourism Operators January 25, Forrest Hall Farm, Mechanicsville, Maryland to register online go to https://agritourism-foodsafety-workshop.eventbrite.com, anyone with questions please contact Sarah Everhart, 410-458-2475.

Legislation Would Require MDE to Study Air Emissions From CAFOs This coming session of the Maryland General Assembly, the members will consider legislation that would require Maryland Department of the Environment to do a one-time study of air emissions from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The legislation is proposed by state Senator Richard Madaleno. To learn more about the proposed legislation, click here http://delmarvane.ws/2BovDy6.

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